Investing is More Accessible & Equitable with Tokenised Assets

Libeara is an SC Ventures incubated Tokenisation Platform built to create more accessible, transparent, and secure markets. A portmanteau of Liberty and Aerarium (the first retail US Treasuries and the Roman Treasury respectively), Libeara is a road-tested asset tokenisation platform that seeks to introduce a new approach to investing through technology and innovation.

As finalists of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Global Retail CBDC Challenge and the team behind digital platform prototypes used by the Hong Kong government, Ghana, and the Philippines, Libeara is ready to help organisations create, issue, and manage real-world assets on-chain.

Tokenisation Makes Financial Assets More Efficient, Accessible, and Mobile

A Brand New Approach to Capital Markets

As a Standard Chartered Ventures incubated company, our tokenisation platform expands the reach of financial participation through three curated business use cases.

With Delta, regulated fund managers can issue tokenised fund units directly to their investors in any denomination. Not only are tokens easier to subscribe and redeem, they can also be transferred between eligible users.

Delta opens access to tokenised funds across a wide range of assets and jurisdictions. Delta is launching through an institutional-grade app and platform developed by Libeara for FundBridge Capital, a licensed fund manager (CMS100668) in Singapore.

Bravo enables Central Banks and Government Treasuries to directly issue tokenised bonds. Through Bravo, investors will not only be able to directly subscribe to tokenised government-issued bonds but also, store and manage their tokens in secure digital wallets. Investors can easily redeem and transfer their tokens using blockchain technology that provides investors immutable records of their ownership over the assets.

By simplifying the government bond subscription process, our tokenised government bond platform broadens access by eliminating a network of complex intermediaries and reducing the minimum denomination issued by governments to single digits, promoting financial inclusivity while opening new doors to innovation in public finance, national savings and government policy implementation.

Tango enables issuers to bring other real world assets such as securities, commodities, media, and rights into the tokenisation space by utilising general purpose security token* issuance technology.

With multi-chain support and built-in KYC and AML technology, the Tango platform is a flexible, cost-efficient vehicle for anyone to bring real world assets to the masses while preserving full regulatory and legal compliance.

*Security tokens are regulated investment assets in the form of a cryptocurrency token that combine the advantages of digital assets with traditional security offerings.

Technology That Secures Ownership over Your Own Investments 

Secured on Scaled Public Blockchains

Greater transparency and full customer ownership of assets is secured through records embedded into a public Blockchain ledger, giving users immutable, verifiable record of ownership over their investments at all times, plus full visibility into all holdings and transactions.

Tested and Proven Technology 

Libeara’s technology has been tested for real-world deployment through national level projects across Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana and the Philippines. These projects also provided more opportunities for Libeara to refine our tech stack with insights from national financial regulators.

Read more about our proof-of-concept partnerships with world-renowned financial institutions:

How do we do it?

The security and profitability of government bonds has traditionally only been available in high denominations, such as $100,000 or more. With the secure ledger capabilities of the blockchain, it is now possible to reflect partial ownership of a bond within a secure and transparent ledger.

Libeara purchases and holds the full bonds and, when you invest with us, we reflect your legal, transparent and partial ownership of the bonds in the digital ledger. This is called ‘tokenisation’ and it represents the power to own parts-of-things. Libeara is offering powerful and democratic investment choices to everyone, giving your money the freedom to grow.

Libeara investments are safe

With money comes choice, and money choices should be profitable and safe. Bond investments with Libeara are secure:

  • Our bond investments are 100% composed of Singaporean government bonds
  • Singapore has never failed to pay back its Sovereign bond investors
  • Customer ownership is secure because it is recorded in the blockchain
  • Higher-interest rates in our bond investments are more stable than those in traditional savings accounts, with bonds maturing over longer periods

We are road-tested and ready

Our infrastructure has now been developed and tested in three separate national-level projects in Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong. These projects have enabled us to refine our infrastructure and have it externally collaborated with national financial regulators, leading to this point of our initial market-launch in Singapore. The details of these concept-proving partnerships are available here:

Build a Secure Financial Future

More people can thrive financially with digital platforms and tokenised assets. Make that future possible for them, today.